The best moments in life captured forever

What I do...

A big occasion is just around the corner and time is flying by - but the nicest moments really do need to be saved and remembered. That's where I come in - I capture them for you as photos. Whether it's your wedding, or just a great day with the family, it's exactly these moments that I'll hold on to for you. Together, we'll make sure they don't fade with time. I do it...

It's the moment itself that counts and is priceless - so you should get on with enjoying it without thinking about capturing it forever. You won't notice that I'm in background with my cameras, capturing the many little moments. What's especially important to me? I want to catch your moments as authentically as possible, so that that special second will be just as vivid many years later. After every event I'll check and re-touch each photo individually to ensure the best possible quality. But don't worry, the essence of the photographs won't be photoshopped out - you'll remain as beautiful as you really are.

... & where

I'm usually in and around Berlin, and for weddings I'll fly to where you are. It all began in England but by now I've shot weddings in New Zealand and France too. My cameras and I like to travel, and whether that's a little trip down to Friedrichshain for baby photos or to Rome for your wedding, we're everywhere.

Places where my work has appeared:


(And there's one or two more here.)

Fancy having a bit of a chat?


You'll usually find me in Berlin. I'll be pleased as punch about postcards sent to me at Gudvanger Str. 57, 10439 Berlin.

For my wedding photography I travel all around the world and I'll come to you for family photographs.

Just write me a note, I'm sure we'll be able to figure something out. Do you want to find out a bit more about me, before me meet over a nice hot chocolate? You'll find a bit more information here.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you! 



- Fran